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Our Vision

When I was a little girl and I felt scared at night, my parents would play a CD for children that had scripture put to song. My favorite one was from Psalm 4:8. I still have it memorized. “I will lie down and sleep in peace for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.” The song comforted me and the truth of God’s word shaped me, but what was really powerful was the habit itself of turning on the CD at night. 

That nightly ritual taught me that when I face the difficult emotions of fear or worry that I should turn to God’s words to guide me through them.

My parents didn’t brush aside my emotions. They gave me a powerful way to process them.

It’s the little habits, the daily rhythms, that we train our children in that they carry into their adulthood. They may forget our words, but the habits that we repeat over and over with them shape their character.

We designed My Little Lamb, an audio-Bible for children, to be a tool that parents can use to train their children in the habit of listening to scripture daily and of turning to God’s word when they feel worried or scared.

We hope that little ones will find comfort in snuggling with their favorite stuffed animal and listening to God’s truth read over them as they fall asleep at night. Children’s memories are incredible. Our vision is that, in the same way I vividly remember the Bible verses I listened to as a child, other children will hear the Bible and the truth in it will be planted deep in their hearts.

My Little Lamb Details

Long press the button above the lamb’s nose to turn the audio on or off. Short press to pause. Short press the feet to navigate forward or backward through the books and chapters of the Bible. Long press one of the front feet to increase the volume. Long press one of the rear feet to decrease the volume. The audio player automatically turns off after 2 hours of inactivity (so it won’t play the whole night after your child falls asleep). 

The included internal battery is rechargeable with any standard microUSB cable. You can easily unplug the internal audio player and battery to remove for washing.

My Little Lamb includes the audio book of John, Ephesians, Philippians and selected Psalms in the World English Bible translation (WEB), as well as songs and Old Testament stories.

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