Soft Toy Audio Bible Brings Peace To Children

Soft toy audio Bible brings peace to children

When we received testimonies of how My Little Lamb and the Word of God have comforted children in the Ukraine, we were filled with gratitude and were deeply moved. We want to share their stories with you and may this be a reminder for us all to continue praying for children who suffer because of war. A little boy from Mariupol […]

Top 3 features of My Little Lamb

Top 3 Features of My Little Lamb

This cute and cuddly plush toy has become a favorite among children and parents alike. Apart from having the cutest little face, here are the top 3 features of My Little Lamb. We’ve also added testimonies from you – our valued customers. 1. Kids stay engaged with the Good News This Christian soft toy shares […]

Back to school with a song in their hearts!

back to school

Summer break is almost over! Soon, kids (nay, parents!) will be scrambling again to get their lunch boxes and books in their bags to be ready for the carpool or when the bus stops. This can be an unsettling time for children – especially during the pandemic – so sending your children back to school […]

There is an Easter Sunday!

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A few years ago a man representing an organization that distributes Bibles came to our church. I want to share with you what he told us on that day and I hope I can recall the details of the testimony accurately. He shared with us that, in life, there can be times that feel like […]

Easter–Hope, Faith, Grace, Life

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Four years ago, my husband collapsed from a severe stroke. He underwent brain surgery, a tracheostomy, and needed a ventilator. He was in a coma and would get countless spasms in a day. That happened two weeks before Easter. I remember vividly singing and praying over him, hoping that he would open his eyes. My […]

Gratitude: What 2020 has taught me

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A testimony from a My Little LambTM staff member This year has been rough in many ways. But through trials and tribulations, love and grace are made more evident. Now that 2020 is ending soon, I look back with a lot to thank the Lord for. I am an expat, currently residing in a small […]

A “New Normal” Christmas: Different but Meaningful

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2020 has seen its fair share of ups and downs. Now that Christmas is here and the new year just around the corner , it’s time to do some retrospective thinking, praise giving, and forward planning.  Throughout the year, we have been exposed to the threat of the covid-19 pandemic and the life-changing effects that […]

16 Effective Habits to Help Children Sleep Better at Night


Having trouble falling asleep is one of the most common health problems for children. Sleep problems affect children at different ages. Some persistent sleep problems may require professional medical treatment. Others are linked to daytime behavior and bedtime habits that you can change to help your child sleep better at night. Common problems are related […]